Monday, October 6, 2014

No Photography in Court

I was waiting for the judge to call my case, when the bailiff suddenly jumped up, flew through the courtroom, grabbed the defendant for my case, and forcibly escorted him out into the hallway.

After a few minutes, the bailiff returned, carrying two cameras.

Me:  "What's up with that?  That's my defendant."

Bailiff:  "Caught him taking photos in the courtroom."

Me:  "Of what?"

Bailiff:  "Legs of female attorneys, some of the judge, one of his crotch...."

Me:  "His crotch?  Eeeeewwwwww."

Bailiff:  *smiles*  "Yep, said he was taking pictures to prove to his wife that he was in court today."

Me:  "Pictures of female legs AND HIS CROTCH are gonna prove he was in court?"

Bailiff:  "Hey, I'm just reporting what he said, NOT that I believed it."

The bailiff deleted all of the pictures and held the cameras until 4:30 before he gave them back to the defendant.

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