Monday, November 3, 2014

Small claims cases are not always snoozers

While waiting for my eviction case to be called (back in the days when evictions and small claims cases were heard in the same courtroom), I had the "privilege" to observe another small claims case presided over by my favorite judge.  Defendant was accused of crashing into a parked car.

Plaintiff testified that she was leaving a building and saw Defendant's car hit her parked car.

Defendant:  "It wasn't my fault."

Judge:  "What?  Did her car develop a mind of its own, and intentionally open its door for the sole purpose of smacking your car?"

Defendant:  "Well, no."

Judge:  "What about her car jumped out in front of your car?"

Defendant:  *squirms*  "Well, um...."

Judge:  "So why isn't it your fault?"

Defendant:  *silence*

I give this Defendant a lot of credit for choosing to show up at the trial.  Most Defendants in this situation probably wouldn't.  But he should have thought of at least one semi-intelligent thing to say in his defense.

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