Monday, June 22, 2015

Pets left behind in foreclosed properties

I represent several investors who purchase foreclosed properties.

When my clients purchase multi-family structures, those properties are usually transferred to the property management division and the tenants remain in place and continue to pay rent.

For most single family homes, the current occupants [generally the prior owners] are evicted and the homes are then refurbished and sold at a profit. This is commonly called “flipping” the home.

Once my client evicts the occupants and gains possession, it is not unusual to find personal property left behind by the prior owners.

Legally, animals are considered personal property. My clients have found live and dead (1) birds in cages, (2) fish in aquariums, (3) reptiles, (4) rabbits, cats, and dogs.

One of my clients recently found a dead dog IN THE FREEZER of a foreclosed home. Interestingly, the prior owner wanted the dog back and came to retrieve it.

California has a law which requires banks and investors who find animals in vacant foreclosed homes to alert the county animal control department to come and retrieve the animal.

The American Veterinary Medical Association [AVMA] has a web-page devoted to animal owners who are facing the loss of their pets as well as their homes.

If you are facing this situation, please do NOT just abandon your pets in your foreclosed home when you move out.


  1. Oh, Dena, that is so sad. It must be heartbreaking to walk in and find a pet left behind. I'm going to go and watch the minions trailer now to cheer myself up.

    1. Yes, it is very sad. Hope the minions trailer was cheery! Thanks for stopping by.