Monday, July 25, 2016

Sometimes jury duty isn't so bad

Back in January 2016, a jury returned a verdict against yoga guru Bikram Choudhury [his yoga routine consists of a series of 26 poses, done over 90 minutes in a room heated to 104 degrees] for sexually harassing a woman.  I love how this legal reporter describes the verdict:

On Monday, a jury awarded his former legal advisor, Minakshi Jafa-Bodden, $924,500 in compensatory damages, and it added another $6,471,000 in punitive damages yesterday. Now, it is possible to both (1) believe that his alleged conduct was utterly appalling and (2) raise an eyebrow at awarding somebody a million bucks for it, and I know this because I am doing both of those things right at this moment. It is also possible to both (1) believe that the punitive award is also too high (it’s seven times the damages) and (2) not care because why does this creep have money to begin with? And both of those are also happening. But that gets us to the jury-amusement part of the trial, which came about after Choudhury insisted that in fact, he has no money. Which the jury found to be a real hoot.

In fact, I laughed throughout the article, which I encourage you to read here.

Which comes to the point of this blog post –

“There was some juror smirking and chortling during the cross”

“This escalated to outright laughter during the redirect”

This sounds like a jury duty assignment that people may not want so desperately to get out of.  But from an attorney perspective, when the jury is laughing at your client, you know the trial isn't going in your favor.....


  1. Your blog is not merely as entertaining as this case was, but probably even more instructive. Thank you, Dena!

  2. That sounds like a quite entertaining trial on which to be a jurist, Dena. But I enjoyed my time on jury duty last year. In fact, I was called again this year and was genuinely sad that I had to decline. Maybe next year... :)

    1. I received a jury summons yesterday. Most attorneys will excuse me [they're smart and don't want me on their panel], but I have been a juror on two criminal trials in my lifetime. Glad you enjoy jury duty. Folks like you are rare, and a little scary =)