Monday, October 31, 2016

Hack your resume

David Dworken graduated from high school on a Monday.  The following Friday, he was one of 1,410 people honored by the Department of Defense for successfully hacking into the Pentagon's computers.

“Dworken found six [bugs], but did not win any cash because he wasn’t the first to find any of the vulnerabilities that he reported.  But he still found it rewarding and he said he would 'absolutely' come back to try and hack the Pentagon again.”

This is definitely someone we want on OUR side of the war room.

“All told, the hackers found 138 ways that the department’s public websites allowed malicious attacks where personal information could be stolen, or where hackers could hijack the website to force it to post unauthorized content.”

Can you imagine this young man's resume?  I predict a very bright future.  Either that, or a long prison stint.

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