Monday, October 10, 2016

When life imitates the movies

Have you seen the movie Hopscotch with the late, great Walter Matthau?  It's my favorite movie, and I watch it at least once per year.

This news story is an eerily similar scene from Hopscotch come to life.

Back in 2014 in Idaho, a tenant gave the police permission to search for her ex-boyfriend in the house she rented.  She even gave them her keys.

Police allegedly spent about 10 hours shooting tear gas into the home, smashing windows, and doing other stuff they’ve probably seen TV cops do.

Eventually, after enough time had passed that the police were reasonably sure no one was inside, they did enter the house.

“The dog they found in a back bedroom was arrested without incident.”  No mention of the charges.

I can certainly understand the police hesitation to just go in to the house through the front door with the key, especially knowing the person they were seeking was suspected of stealing guns, and especially in today's climate of police shootings.  But ten hours?  Now if the person holed up inside the house was threatening to kill hostages or something, maybe that would have been justified.

But it took the police ten hours to learn the only one inside was a dog.

The tenant, formerly cooperative with the police, surely regretted her cooperation.  She and her children lost all of their personal possessions, and were unable to live in their home for the following two months.  She's filed a lawsuit demanding $350,000 for this incident, which does seem excessive given that (1) she didn't own the house, and (2) she wasn't inside at the time.

Go watch the movie Hopscotch.  When you get to the scene I've mentioned here [and you'll definitely know it when you see it], have a good laugh.  It's a great movie.

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