Monday, September 22, 2014

My new platform and marketing plan

In last Monday's post, I mentioned Dave Barry and included a link to his book I had just re-read.  Up until then, my blog, which I admittedly haven't advertised much yet, got maybe 5 hits per day.  Last week my hit counter reached 50 in one day.

So I think I'll start mentioning Dave Barry in every blog post.  Maybe multiple times.  And with a link to his newest book [yes, I've read that one too].

Dave Barry Dave Barry Dave Barry Dave Barry Dave Barry Dave Barry Dave Barry Dave Barry

Dave Barry: You can date boys when you're forty

Okay that might be a bit much.  But so far it's been a good marketing strategy.

All the writing blogs I've read, say a writer needs to establish platform.  Because I've been an attorney for over 20 years, and my current WIP is a book about a brand new attorney trying to break in to the biz, I figured my "brand" would be something related to the law.

Maybe I should change my brand to Dave Barry.

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