Monday, May 18, 2015

Escalator etiquette


Some courthouses have escalators.  Most of the time, these courthouses also have elevators, but for people who can use the escalator, it's much more convenient because --

(1) the line is almost always longer for the elevators, especially in the morning

(2) you don't have to wait for the elevator to arrive at your floor, the escalator is always there
(3) altho escalators "stop" on each floor, the wait time to move to the next floor isn't so long, and
(4) you're not breathing someone else's Friday afternoon body odor quite so closely.

One X County courthouse has a bank of elevators, a bank of escalators, and a stairwell on each end of the building.  This particular courthouse is on the downhill side of middle-aged, so most of the time at least one elevator in each bank and at least one flight of escalator in each bank is out-of-order.

You'd think an out-of-order escalator would just be stairs

But no! In X County an out-of-order escalator looks like this

This requires all non-elevator types to find the stairwell and use it to reach the next floor.

Some days, by some miracle, all the escalators are working.  But don't get too excited yet.

Almost every day, several attorneys [including me some days lol] are late for hearings.  The quickest way to get anywhere is to run up the escalator.  I've seen people running UP the DOWN escalator [and DOWN the UP escalator], which if I did that, I would find myself flat on the steps with multiple injuries.

Because Murphy's Law is alive and well in X County, the later I am for a hearing, the more frequently people will stand IN THE CENTER OF THE ESCALATOR.  If YOU are that person, this is your lucky day.  This public service announcement is for you!

For those of you who can read most of the time --

For those of you still learning how to read [notice the little green guy looks a lot like he's RUNNING, not walking? There's a reason for that....]

 For the many of you who obviously can't read

See?  Easy.

Make someone's day.  If you're gonna park, keep right.

New York escalator etiquette

Hong Kong escalator etiquette [includes safety info]


  1. Works well for countries who drive on the wrong side of the road (a la USA). For the rest of us it's stand on the left, walk on the right *wink*

    1. Y'all do stuff backwards down there. You even walk around upside down =)