Monday, June 1, 2015

Revenge of the elevators

Some mornings, especially the day after a holiday weekend, the crowd of people trying to pass through the security checkpoint and enter the courthouse is HUGE.

 Then there's the wait for the elevators, one or more of which are always out-of-order.


If I'm only going up one or two floors, it would be really nice to bypass the throngs waiting for an elevator and use the stairs, but since many courthouses have banned the use of the stairs except in emergencies, we wait and fume and crowd onto already over-burdened elevators

Sometimes your fellow travelers are "interesting"

 Now I belong to that group of people who fall over the larger air molecules, so I am VERY careful any time I enter or exit escalators and elevators.  However, sometimes the only working elevator has a vision problem and doesn't stop exactly even with the floor level.  This resulted a few weeks ago in me falling out of the elevator

OOPS, wrong photo.  Sorry about that.

I fell out of the elevator, which was as full as the photo above, so very embarrassing.

This is pretty much exactly how it looked when I hit the floor, except I was wearing a suit with pants, not a skirt [thankfully].  Too bad personal injury cases aren't heard in that particular courthouse =)

My knee was pretty scraped up, but my pants weren't torn.  I had to complete an incident report.  It's been about three weeks now, and my knee is still sore and the scrape hasn't fully healed.

This may have occurred because courthouse elevators know attorneys gripe about them, so they talk amongst themselves.

Be careful out there.  You never know who's listening.

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