Monday, August 24, 2015

Reflections on jury duty - part 1

In the news this week - Donald Trump reported for jury duty.

I've been subpoenaed for jury duty several times. Usually, I will be “thanked and excused” because I'm an attorney, plus I was a law clerk at the Public Defender's office while in law school. However, twice I've sat on a jury. Both criminal cases, go figure.

First trial, residential burglary. I had no reservations in voting guilty.

Second trial, also residential burglary. Jury was 11 – 1 in favor of guilty. I was the holdout because I initially wasn't convinced the DA had proven the case “beyond a reasonable doubt”. We deliberated for over three hours, and I re-read the jury instructions several times. I was finally convinced that the DA had in fact proven her case. After the trial, I asked the DA why she didn't bounce me. She said I had an honest face. LOL that shows how little she knew!

Any of my readers have any interesting jury duty experiences?

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