Monday, November 16, 2015

National Love Your Lawyer Day

Okay, so I didn't learn about November 6, 2015 being National Love Your Lawyer Day until AFTER I'd written my blog post last week, so here is my belated entry, with the comment --

Now I know most people think their lawyer is only somewhat more lovable than slime mold or a used car salesman.  That is, until you actually need one.

As astutely worded by the Palm Beach Post, "In an observance that may have escaped the attention of most people, including attorneys, today has been designated National Love Your Lawyer Day by the American Bar Association."

Here is Above The Law's list of the 5 lawyers you should love to love [list and descriptions from Above The Law]:

1.   Roy Cohn
This vicious hate-monger of an attorney graduated from Columbia Law School as a spry 20-year-old before kicking off a long and distinguished career as a caricature of repugnancy. He followed up his work executing the Rosenbergs by becoming — upon the personal recommendation of J. Edgar Hoover — the “man behind the man” of McCarthyism as Senator Joe McCarthy’s chief attack dog ruining lives based on conjecture and innuendo at a ferocious clip.

2.  Richard Nixon
Like Cohn, Tricky Dick — the most recent President to argue before the Supreme Court — also spent some quality time trampling the Constitution during the Red Scare as the head of the House Un-American Activities Committee before upping his game and so thoroughly shredding the nation’s foundational document that his own political allies were prepared to impeach and convict.

3.  Nathaniel Carr
This Arizona attorney [...] it’s hard to find a more lovable lawyer than a guy who says of his own client: “He looks like a killer, not a retard,” all while billing Maricopa County $370,000 a year for his work.

4.  Michael Fine
Ohio lawyer Michael Fine made headlines when, after one client took it upon herself to tape her meetings with him, police pinched him for hypnotizing female clients into performing sex acts.

5.  Atticus Finch
The character is a beloved champion of the oppressed who launched the legal careers of thousands of white liberals and sits so securely atop the pantheon of fictional lawyers that the ABA Journal doesn’t even let him compete in its “greatest fictional lawyers” contest.
He’s an inveterate racist.

ALPIA is the American Lawyers Public Image Association, founded in 2000. It is the only legal organization in the world formed solely to promote a positive public image of lawyers. ALPIA is the leader on attorney image issues and has received media coverage from all over the world.

The website is

I don't know about you, but I'm not so sure this organization has done much, if anything, for the public image of lawyers.  Altho the whole concept that this organization even exists is telling........

Q:  Why does New Jersey have more toxic waste dumps and California have more lawyers?

A:  Because New Jersey had first choice.


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