Monday, December 28, 2015

Judicial Misconduct

A judge in Florida was caught on video, doing the following while on the job --

 1.  Yelling at an attorney [I've seen this happen, but not to the extent described here] 

2.  Mild swearing at the attorney [“pissing me off”, I've seen this happen also] 

3.  Threatening the attorney with physical violence [“let's go out back and I'll beat your ass”]

4.  Heavy swearing at the attorney [“you want to f*ck with me?”] 

5.  Actual physical violence against the attorney [sounds of a scuffle on the audio, testimony later of pushing and hitting] 

6.  Resumed the bench and dealt with represented defendants as if they had no attorney [which is a major violation of a criminal defendant's rights] 

As noted in the judicial opinion wherein the Supreme Court of Florida took action, “There is no dispute that Judge Murphy threatened violence, had a physical confrontation with Mr. Weinstock, and subsequently resumed his docket with defendants whose attorneys were not present. 

Amazingly, the Florida Judicial Qualification Commission recommended:  

- Public reprimand
- 120 day suspension
- Fine of $50k plus costs
- Continuing mental health therapy
- Attend judicial education courses 

The Florida Supreme Court rejected that recommendation [thankfully] and removed Judge Murphy from office.

That seems about right.

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