Monday, December 7, 2015

Save your social media posts for AFTER the verdict

In a November 4, 2015 story, a New York judge declared a mistrial after the jury forewoman was so addicted to Facebook that, despite the standard admonition not to do so, she posted about the trial while the trial was still ongoing.

Juror dismissed for sharing trial details on Facebook

I've heard of social media addiction, but really?  You think your circle of friends is so enamored of you that you can't keep quiet about what you're doing during the day, for even the few days it takes for a short criminal trial to be concluded?
You can post all about the trial AFTER IT'S OVER.  Is that so hard?

What's also interesting to me, is that with this juror dismissed from the trial, only 11 jurors were left, and a criminal conviction requires 12 votes of guilty.  Why weren't there any alternate jurors?  In CA, we almost always have 1-2 alternates for every trial, both civil and criminal, so the trial can go forward even if a juror or two must be dismissed for illness or conduct or for whatever reason.

This juror was fined $1000.  Ouch.

I wonder what she wrote on her Facebook page the day she was fined..............


  1. The mind boggles...

    I'm trying to get used to occasional social media use so when I get 'the call' I'm not having to learn all that as well as edits etc. But I often struggle with finding something worthwhile and interesting to say. I don't understand people who have to be on social media all the time. I sometimes wonder if they have a rather self-inflated notion of their own importance that they think others are interested in every moment of their lives!

    1. If I posted everything I did all day, all of my followers [at least, the few I managed to have left] would be asleep. I'm not that exciting.

      I'm with you. I do twitter and this blog. I do NOT tweet all day, and I only post here 1-2x per week. I think that's all anyone can take of me lol

      We can dream about "the call" though =)