Monday, February 15, 2016

Stand up for your Fourth Amendment rights

This is scary.

In Minnesota [and apparently also California], cities are enacting laws allowing their housing departments to obtain an “administrative warrant” WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE OF VIOLATIONS, to grant the city access to a rental unit to perform an inspection.

“Municipalities across the country have instituted these inspection regimes, enforced by administrative warrants, which do not require inspectors to have proof of criminal violations in order to demand entrance into somebody's home. While they are sold to communities as public safety measures to fight slums and dangerous housing, they are used to enforce a whole host of arbitrary city codes that have little if anything to do with public safety, and they are violations of residents' privacy. Police have also been known to abuse regulatory inspection processes to conduct searches without getting warrants.”

Fortunately, the Minnesota judge who is cited in this story, remembered her Constitutional Law class and denied the warrant, because it was not supported by probable cause [a good reason to suspect there was a problem].

Stand up for your Fourth Amendment rights, or soon you won't have any. 

Tenants, Owners Resist Mandatory Rental Inspections in New Minnesota Fight 

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