Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day began back in the 1860s as a day to honor the dead and heal the wounds of America’s bloodiest conflict - the Civil War.  Originally called Decoration Day, it was a day set aside to mourn those who died in war, by decorating their graves.

Ceremonies honoring war dead continued throughout the years, encompassing each new war.
In 1968, Congress changed the name from Decoration Day and declared Memorial Day a federal holiday, held on the last Monday in May.

Here are some ideas for commemorating Memorial Day:

1.  Attend a parade.
2.  Place flowers and flags on graves of veterans.
3.  Fly a flag at your house - half staff until noon, then to the top.
4.  Participate in National Moment of Remembrance at 3pm.
5.  Participate with Operation Gratitude or Any Soldier or Books for Soldiers
6.  Visit a veteran's hospital.
7.  Thank those serving when you see them in your community.
8.  And yes, enjoy the day with your family and friends, remembering those who gave their lives so you could live yours freely and without fear.

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