Monday, June 13, 2016

Federal lawsuit alleging $666 billion in damages

Back in January 2016, an armed group of folks calling themselves "sovereign citizens" set up camp at an Oregon wildlife refuge, and occupied the refuge for over a month.  At least 25 of those folks were eventually arrested, with formal criminal charges brought against at least 16.

One of the 16, Shawna Cox, has responded by filing a "counter criminal complaint."  This complaint won't be going far, because a private person cannot file a criminal complaint, but presumably Ms. Cox will eventually file this as a civil case.

Ms. Cox alleges she is a victim of public corruption and government oppression, and demands $666,666,666,666 in damages "for the works of the devil."

Over 666 billion dollars.
When she does file this as a civil case, presumably she will also name the devil as one of the Defendants.  Not surprisingly, given the nature of some folks who believe they've been wronged, this would not be the first lawsuit against the devil.

I wish her good luck in finding someone willing to serve the complaint on the devil, seeing as personal service [handing the complaint to the defendant] is the preferred method.  I won't be volunteering for that assignment.

And presumably, the devil won't give up his money without a fight.  Remind me to call in sick when that jury is selected.

In the unlikely event this lawsuit is actually successful, I wish her much luck in collecting her money.  

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