Monday, July 4, 2016

Have a safe and happy Independence Day

Here's the relevant timeline for Independence Day, the day the US celebrates its formal separation from England:
July 1, 1776
Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia

July 2, 1776
Twelve of the thirteen colonies voted for independence

July 4, 1776
The Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence

August 2, 1776
Most of the delegates signed

To celebrate Independence Day, many cities organize public fireworks displays conducted by professionals.
Consumer [backyard] fireworks are banned in Delaware, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  The other states have various laws allowing and prohibiting the individual purchase and use of fireworks.  In my county, only 10 cities allow "safe and sane" [nothing that flies or explodes] fireworks, which can be purchased only on July 1 through July 4.  Temporary roadside stands are operated by non-profit organizations [like Boy Scout troops].  For many of these organizations, the annual fireworks stands are where most of their money is earned.
State laws regarding fireworks

Four things to keep in mind about fireworks 

How much do you know about the national anthem? 

However, you celebrate, have a safe and happy Independence Day!