Monday, November 7, 2016

Aggressive border patrol searches

A 54yo US citizen was visiting a friend in Mexico.  On returning to the US at the El Paso border crossing, a drug-sniffing dog “jumped on her”.  She was then “dragged away in hand-cuffs” to a medical facility for a six hour full body-cavity search, which included waiting for her to have a bowel movement, and multiple vaginal searches.

No drugs were found.

As if that wasn't humiliating enough, the medical facility billed her $5000 for the search.

If you're not outraged at this point, please check your pulse.

The medical facility has agreed to settle the case by paying the woman $1.1 million.  This seems reasonable to me.  And the “Department of Customs, Border Protection, and Rummaging Around in People’s Bowels” agreed to pay another $475,000.  Not sure whether I think this amount should have actually been more than the amount the medical facility paid.

I suspect it will be a long time before this woman agrees to visit her friend again.


  1. I'd caught the story but not the outcome, news cycles being what they are lately (and my avoidance/tolerance being what THEY are). Thank you for the update; what she suffered was inexcusable.

    The older story sets my hair on end; you wonder whether "reliable sources" witch hunt enemies in such a way. Too many stories at that link. It's blood-curdling.

    1. Definitely reinforces my lack of desire to ever visit Mexico. Not fun what can happen.