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American Airlines bans insects, hedgehogs, and goats as emotional support animals 

Eight normal civilian things that make you weird in the military 

Troops having fun with re-enlistment ceremonies 

Take a quiz on the military 

A day aboard a US aircraft carrier ship 

ROTC instructors rescue motorist on Los Angeles freeway from burning car 

Helicopter crew stops speeding train 

How overdue parking tickets took over an innocent person's life 

Free range parenting - because we need laws to treat children like humans 

Nine things lawyers look for when choosing a jury 

Five things recruits screw up most in boot camp 

Hilarious Navy Memes 

AirBnb Guest from Hell 

Six types of lieutenants you can't avoid 

Kansas bill would require governor to be an adult human 

Military athletes competing in Korea Olympics 

The Legal Meaning of Emojis 

An Army Veteran's Obituary Goes Viral 

 The Octopus - Honorary Vertebrate

Comma crusader brings good grammar to traffic court 

Dave Barry Year in Review 2017 

NORAD tracks Santa 

Santa Claus trademark - A legal opinion 

Holiday tips - How not to be arrested in NYC 

Does sharing a link online equal copyright infringement? 

9 things lawyers look for when picking a jury 

Can a joke be protected by copyright law? 

Ten lessons from 26 years of military experience 

An example of an awesome cease and desist letter 

Drunk tries to fake being a lawyer 

Your Twitter outrage may require libel insurance 

Can you legally repair your own car? 

10 ways to help Hurricane Harvey victims 

Monday's total eclipse of the sun 

Do you need libel insurance for your tweets? 

Preparing your home for wildfires 

Minnesota Supreme Court allows unconstitutional searches of tenants' homes 

Canadian rapper sends cease & desist rap video to Coca Cola Co. 

One landlord's method of "encouraging" tenants to move out 

Why mattresses come with warning tags 

A New Hampshire bill allowed pregnant women to commit murder 

Court rules emoji can convey intent 

Lawsuits against God 

A fish is a tangible object - Dr Seuss quoted by Supreme Court 

Why Memorial Day is not for you 

Ask TSA 

Alaska divorce court treats pets like children 

Guy who got a C on constitutional amendment paper gets the Constitution amended 

It is still legal to play chase in Ireland

Unless you enjoy being physically assaulted, please don't fly United Airlines 

Yes, the Oxford comma is very important 

You are liable for your butt dials 

Woman gets a parking ticket for parking two SECONDS early 

We never had a pet squirrel 

New definition of neighbors from hell 

Know your rights for your peaceful protest 

Dave Barry's 2016 year in review 

Courts frown on feigning sleep during opponent's case 

NORAD Tracks Santa 

Tips for the company holiday party 

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special 

Thanksgiving flowcharts 

The Presidential Candidates Ranked By Their Usefulness In A Bar Fight

What Would Happen if a Presidential Nominee Quit?

Many Americans know little about the Supreme Court

If writers and poets billed by the hour 

Military uniform regulations you could be violating right now 

What I learned in the Marine Corps 

48 hours in the mind of a trial attorney 

Judge sentences veteran to 24 hours in jail, then joins him 

Happy birthday US Navy. Thanks for always having the watch 

Why can't I wear my Halloween costume to school? 

Veteran's Day deals for active duty and veterans 

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