Monday, March 16, 2015

Landlords behaving badly

This week's edition of the blog focuses on bad landlords.  Sure, I've represented bad landlords, including slumlords.  Not all attorneys have the luxury of picking and choosing their clients, and many times I don't know they're slumlords until I get to trial.

But they are my clients, so I do my best for them.

I always try to settle my cases, and most tenants of a bad landlord or slumlord want to move out to get away from the horrible living conditions.  So usually this works out in everyone's favor.  Here are some examples of landlords behaving badly.  Some of these activities are legal and some aren't.  Of course NONE of these examples are from MY client base....

1.  New York landlords behaving badly

2.  San Francisco landlord behaving badly

3.  UK landlords behaving badly

4.  Landlord won't fix roof, which leaks like a sieve, because the tenant hasn't paid rent.

5.  Landlord shuts off utilities for 24 hours and blames it on "a bad breaker box".

6.  Landlord installs friend/relative in the neighboring apartment who plays LOUD music at all hours of the day and night, to annoy a specific tenant and cause him to move out.

7.  Landlord has tenant's car towed because said car is parked one inch over the parking spot's limit line.

If anyone has their own "bad landlord" story, please post in comments.

[Next week, tenants behaving badly.]


  1. A few years ago I came home early from work to find the landlord and his wife going through my underwear drawer. Was not happy about that.