Friday, June 24, 2016

HOLES by Louis Sachar [Book recommendation]

Book obtained from: Library e-book

Description: Stanley Yelnats [palindrome name], a boy from a family with more than its share of bad luck, is accused unjustly of stealing some shoes.  He's sent to a boy's detention center out in the desert where the warden's idea of building the boys' character is having them dig holes all day, every day.

Plot:  As Stanley and the other boys dig holes exactly five feet wide and five feet deep, Stanley realizes the warden is actually looking for something buried out there in the desert.  He works on figuring it out, in the process building his character and finally ridding his family of its bad luck curse.

Characterization: Stanley is well developed.  Two of the other boys are sufficiently differentiated, but I lost track of who was who with the others.

Setting: Fictional Camp Green Lake, which is located in the desert of western Texas.  Good descriptions.

Other:  This is a middle grade book that kept my interest, even tho I'm not that demographic.  I liked how the multiple story lines, spanning three different time periods, eventually wound together.

Overall: An interesting story.

Grade: B+

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