Monday, March 13, 2017

DAY 72 - This day in legal and military history

March 13

NATIONAL Ear Muffs Day 


NATIONAL Good Samaritan Day

NATIONAL K9 Veterans Day

NATIONAL Open an Umbrella Indoors Day

NATIONAL Napping Day [day after return of daylight saving time]

Today in legal and military [and occasional oddities] history

607 The 12th recorded passage of Halley’s Comet occurs

1639 Cambridge College was renamed Harvard University

1781 Astronomer William Herschel discovers the planet Uranus, which he names ‘Georgium Sidus’ in honor of King George III

1852 "Uncle Sam" cartoon appeared for the first time in NY Lantern weekly

1868 The US Senate begins the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson

1884 Standard Time was adopted throughout the United States

1935 A three thousand year old archive is found in Jerusalem confirming biblical history

1941 Hitler issues an edict calling for an invasion of the Soviet Union

1942 Julia Flikke of the Nurse Corps becomes the first woman colonel in the US Army.

1974 The US Senate votes 54-33 to restore the death penalty

1991 Exxon pays $1 billion in fines and costs for the clean-up of the Alaskan oil spill

2012 The Encyclopaedia Britannica discontinued its print edition after 244 years

2015 NASA reports that scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have found a salty ocean lurking beneath the surface of Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganymede


  1. Today was National Napping Day?!?! You gotta start giving us warning a day ahead of time! Ohhhh, how I could've used that knowledge several hours ago. And I'll forget by next year. Alas.

    1. My apologies Mr. Manuscript. I actually HAD advance notice but I didn't get a nap either. No rest for the wicked.