Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 121 - This day in legal and military history

May 1

NATIONAL Mother Goose Day

NATIONAL Save the Rhino Day



NATIONAL School Principal's Day

NATIONAL Melanoma Monday [first Monday in May]

Today in legal and military [and occasional oddities] history

1707 The Act of Union joined England and Scotland to form Great Britain

1805 The state of Virginia passes a law requiring all freed slaves to leave the state, or risk either imprisonment or deportation

1867 Reconstruction in the South begins with black voter registration

1877 President Rutherford B. Hayes withdraws all Federal troops from the South, ending Reconstruction

1931 The Empire State Building opens in New York.  At 102 stories, it was the tallest building in the world at that time.

1941 The film Citizen Kane – directed by and starring Orson Welles – opens in New York

1948 People's Republic of [North] Korea established

1950 Guam is organized as a United States commonwealth

1961 Fidel Castro announces there will be no more elections in Cuba

1971 Amtrak (the National Railroad Passenger Corporation) takes over operation of US passenger rail service

2011 Osama Bin Laden is killed in Abbottabad Pakistan by US Navy SEALS in Operation Neptune Spear [May 1 in the US, May 2 in Pakistan]

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