Monday, August 19, 2019

Deciding to fight your traffic ticket

Fight your traffic ticket!
First, research whether the violation you were cited for includes any points on your record.  Here's the CA list of point violations.  Your state will probably have its own list. 

If there are points involved, you have a greater incentive to fight the ticket or request traffic school, because points go on your record and can affect your driving status and your insurance rates.  This is especially important if you have a commercial license where points can result in losing your license and your job.  In CA, traffic school is usually not available for commercial drivers, but there are exceptions so do your research and/or contact a traffic attorney for advice.
Next, read the citation and look up the exact code section it states that you violated.  As mentioned previously, I was cited for texting while driving but the vehicle code indicated on the ticket was for TALKING on the phone while driving, not texting.  Are you guilty of violating the exact code section written on the ticket?
Also, do you have any defenses?  For example, if in fact I was talking on the phone but I was reporting an emergency to a 911 operator, that's an exception and not a violation.
If you aren't guilty of the exact violation indicated on the citation, or if an exception applies to you, then you may decide to fight the ticket rather than just paying it.

Next week, preparing your case to fight your traffic ticket.

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