Monday, November 11, 2019

7 Mondays until Christmas!

Between now and Christmas, we're looking at some Top 10 lists, personalized by me.

Last week we looked at top 10 12 best places to retire.

Today let's take a poll.  Here are 10 locations.  Where would you rather live, either now or in retirement?  Tell us in the comments!

#1 - Ski Cabin
#2 - Farm
#3 - Scottish Castle
#4 - NYC / Big City Apartment
#5 - Mountain Cabin
#6 - Country Cottage
#7 - Beach House
#8 - Desert House
#9 - Redwood Forest Cabin

#10 - Retirement Home / Assisted Living
I'd pick #9, the redwood forest.  Best place in the world!  Next would be #5 mountain cabin and #6 country cottage.  What about you?


  1. I would choose numbers 1 through 9, and rotate occupancy throughout the year, with an average stay of about 4 weeks per location. Of course I would use one of my 7 private jets (depending on the day of the week) to travel from one place to the next. The remaining 3 months of the year I would most likely spend on that private island I would call my own, just east of Fantasy Island. Yup, that's what I would do...

    1. Definitely a fantasy retirement! Altho that much traveling would be tiring after about three months. Send me a postcard from each location!

  2. Well, my dream location is the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Oz. It's beautiful. I think the closest would be the mountain cabin or redwood forest.