Monday, March 16, 2020

March 16-22 Special Days and Obscure Holidays

Your assignment is to figure out which date is represented by the photo at the top of this post!  [Hint: There is more than one correct response.]

March 16 – Everything You Do is Right Day, Artichoke Hearts Day, Freedom of Information Day, Panda Day

March 17 – St. Patrick's Day, Corned Beef and Cabbage Day, Submarine Day, Social Work Day

March 18 – Awkward Moments Day, Sloppy Joe Day, Supreme Sacrifice Day

March 19 – First Day of Spring, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, Let's Laugh Day, Poultry Day, Chocolate Caramel Day, Certified Nurses Day, Farm Rescuer Day

March 20 – Earth Day, Storytelling Day, Proposal Day, Ravioli Day, Sparrow Day, Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

March 21 – Common Courtesy Day, Countdown Day, Single Parents Day, Fragrance Day, California Strawberry Day, French Bread Day, Quilting Day, Corn Dog Day, Credit Card Reduction Day, Sports Car Racing Day

March 22 – Goof Off Day, Bavarian Crepes Day, West Virginia Day  

Which date is represented by the photo? Extra points for guessing two or more appropriate dates. Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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