Monday, October 18, 2021

Letter R

Last week - Q is for:
#1 Quidditch
#2 Queen Elizabeth II
#3 Queensland [Brisbane Australia]
#4 Queen Mary
#5 Quokka
#6 Quito
#7 Quesadilla
#8 Quasar
#9 Quebec City
#10 Quail

This week is letter R.
Answer the question under each photo.
#1 Who is this?
#2 Where is this?,_pin-up_girl.jpg
#3 Who is this?
#4 What is this?
#5 Who is this?
#6 What is this?
#7 Who painted this?
#8 What is this?,_ca._1935_-_1982_-_NARA_-_530679.jpg
#9 Who is this?
#10 What test is this?


  1. 1) The man of whom the title "Latin Lover" was devised:

    Rudolph Valentino.

    @) A fairly young country in a land rotten with history:


    3) Margarita Cansins better known by her pseudonym

    Rita Hayworth, pinup star of WWII

    4) Rottweiler

    5) The clay footed god of many Republicans

    Ronald Reagan

    6) An item mentioned in more songs than the Latin Lover


    7) The most distinctive reds in art


    8) What's up bugs?


    9) I am not a crook himself

    Richard Nixon

    10) The pseudoscience ( I say that because it calls me borderline psychotic because I see bunnies and crabs too often) of: