Monday, February 21, 2022

National Days/Weeks #4

Last week's photos:
Second Full Week in February - National Jell-O Week
Feb 14 - National Ferris Wheel Day

Each week on Monday I'll post two photos which represent a "national day" or "national week" for the coming week [through the following Sunday].  Your job is to figure out which national day or week is depicted in each photo.  

Here are the photos for this week.  What national day or week does each represent?  Even if you aren't 100% sure, make your best guess!  Come back next week to see if you're right.
Feb 22,_EMP,_Seattle_-_The_Princess_Bride_(14299359510).jpg
Feb 26


  1. Frozen dacquiri day (it's probably a margarita, but I prefer dacquiris :) )

    AS You Wish Week? I love this movie!

    1. I'm with you. I like daiquiris better. But I'll definitely still drink a margarita. =)

  2. I live in Florida, land of parrotheads. The news proclaimed National Margarita day during every broadcast that day.

    2) I know for fact that there isn't a National Princess Bride day,though maybe there should be, so it must be Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

    1. Y'all in Florida must love your margaritas! And I think a lot of people would like a National Princess Bride Day!

    2. Gotta remember that Jimmy Buffet was from here, that is why we have so many parrotheads.

      Maegaritaville raised the public from seeing the Margarita as a foreign, vacation drink to one you made at home.

    3. I've made margaritas from home. Good stuff.