Friday, September 30, 2016

SKELLIG by David Almond [Book recommendation]

Book obtained from: Library e-book [2000]

Description:  This is a middle-grade book.  Michael is 10 years old.  His family just moved into a dilapidated house that they want to restore.  His baby sister is very ill and in the hospital.  He sneaks into the abandoned garage and finds an alien.

Plot:  Michael finds an alien trying to survive in his dilapidated garage.  The only person he trusts with this information is his neighbor Mina.  Together they try to keep the alien from dying, while Michael's baby sister is in the hospital.

Characterization:  Michael and Mina and the alien [Skellig] are somewhat developed.  Would have liked to see a bit more of it tho.

Setting:  Not sure.  Semi-rural, with dilapidated houses, owls and other wildlife.

Other:  This book has a literary feel and tone.  Somewhat dark/gothic.

Overall:  I enjoyed this story but I would have liked it to have more character development.  Maybe because it's a middle grade book?

Grade: B

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