Monday, September 6, 2021

Letter L

Last week:  K is for Kiribati and Kenya

Photo #1 - Kiribati
Photo #2 - Kenya
Photo #3 - Kiribati
Photo #4 - Kiribati

This week is letter L.
Which of these photos are Los Angeles and which are London?


  1. I apologize for missing the last two weeks. Mainly I apologize to myself, because I actually know Kirbati. When I was playing with thriller writing I put a bank there, the kind from the Swiss model that the Bahamas also did, crooked.

    No.2, though, looks more like the south China sea, near Thailand. I know Thailand doesn't start with a K, so I was thin
    king Korea.

    This week:

    1) LA, woman
    2) London calling
    3) London on line two
    4) LA woman gonna hear the news
    5) The bridge Arizona thought they bought, London
    7) Is Anaheim part of LA now? Looks like Disney, so it's not London; LA
    8) London
    9) The Eye of London
    10) Since you are not just a lawyer, but a managing partner, you had to sneak one in, LA.

    1. No, Anaheim is not part of LA [yet]. However, that IS the Disney Concert Hall in LA, so you have a good eye!