Monday, September 20, 2021

Letter N

Last week:  M is for -
1. Marsupials [Tasmanian Devil, Long-nosed, short-tailed opossum]
2. Montreal
3. Mediterranean Sea

This week is letter N.
All of these places are New ___.  To avoid this quiz being too difficult [for me], I'm including the first letter of what comes after the NEW.,_NJ.jpg
#1 New Y_____
#2 New O_____,_New_Zealand.jpg
#3 New Z_____
#4 New J_____
#5 New S_____
#6 New M_____
#7 New D_____
#8 New H_____
#9 New L_____
#10 Newc_____


  1. 1) New York
    2) New Orleans
    3) New Zealand
    4) New Jersey
    5) New(?) Sydney, I see the auditorium on the left.
    6) New Mexico, Taos I believe
    7) New Delhi
    8) New Hamster, I mean Hampshire
    9) New London, Conn., had a girlfriend from there, in High School
    10) Newcastle, home of a lovely brown Ale

    1. New Sydney??
      New Hamster??

      You're right about Sydney, but not the "New" part =)