Monday, November 1, 2021

Letter T

Last week - S is for:

#1 Suez Canal
#2 Red Sea Urchin
#3 Supreme Court of the USA
#4 The Sun
#5 San Francisco CA
#6 Sydney Opera House
#7 Sea Cucumber
#8 Singapore
#9 Saturn
#10 Seattle

This week is letter T.
Answer the questions below.
#1 What is this?
#2 What city is this?
#3 What is this?
#4 What is this?,_1800.jpg
#5 Who is this?
#6 What is this?,_2401_and_GL26C_2005_Cumbre_-_Pampa.jpg
#7 What is this?
#8 What is this?
#9 What landscape is this?,_Sk%C3%A5ne.jpg
#10 What is this?


  1. 1) Tank; it doesn't look like a Main Battle Tank, so I don't know any more about it.

    2) CN Tower, Toronto. There are only a couple of true observation towers around, and they are second, behind lighthouses, for one of the strange folds in my brain

    3)Tornado; a scourge we used to occasionally get around here. They seem to be moving further north, like everything with global warming

    4) Tuning Fork; closest thing to a working magic wand on this world

    5) Thomas Jefferson

    6) Turkey; the once readily available and cheap Thanksgiving main dish. Ours has been in the freezer for two months already. Looked for a breast and they were 50 bucks last week.

    7) Train, train, take me on out of this place

    8) TARDIS, because the British call them police boxes, not telephone booths

    9) Tundra, once called the frozen tundra, but that was last week.

    10) Mjolnir, but that doesn't fit the parameters. Most would call it Thor's hammer

    1. Excellent as always! My husband likes lighthouses too.

  2. I knew all of these except #5... but I trust Craig to have it right so now I do know. We have some fun letters coming up at the pointy end of the alphabet, so I will be interested to see what you do with those!

    1. The pointy end of the alphabet!? LOL

      Challenge accepted!

  3. Is that not a saying in the US? "The pointy end of..."

    Haha, I look forward to seeing you meet the challenge 😉