Monday, November 22, 2021

Letter W

Last week - V is for:

#1 Vanuatu
#2 Vladimir Putin
#3 Vulture
#4 Vancouver Island
#5 Vincent Van Gogh
#6 Vietnam
#7 Volcano
#8 Victor Hugo
#9 Venezuela
#10 Voltaire

This week is letter W.

Answer the questions below.
#1 Where is this?
#2 Who is this?
#3 What is this?
#4 Who is this?
#5 Where is this?
#6 What is this?
#7 Where is this?
#8 What is this?
#9 What US state is this?,_New_Zealand.jpg
#10 What island is this?


  1. I hope your Thanksgiving went well. I had been working since the last one to make gluten free crap work. It did and pleased me sister and niece who are both doing that. It even more pleased their families, because it all, actually, tasted really good, which I don't think they have tasted much lately.

    1) Australia is so easy;

    Western Australia

    2) Was listening to some of his stuff Wednesday, while cooking for Thanksgiving:

    Wolfgang Mozart

    3)That stolen Egyptian obelisk:

    Washington Monument

    4)Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice:

    Winona Ryder

    5)The possible heart of all of the world's pain:

    Wuhan, China

    6)Waterfall, at times I like to stop and paint them, I have strange habits

    7)New Zealand is not as easy to figure out as Australia, at least this province is named in English:


    8)The White House

    9)Washington State

    10) I have to admit that you got me on this one. There are no actual counts of volcanic islands, because they keep popping up from the sea, but there are over 600 and they all look similar to me.

    1. Congrats on your Thanksgiving success!

      I'll give you a clue for #10. In December 2019 this particular island was in the news in a big way. It's also related to another of the photos in this blog post.

  2. I know #10 because it was close to home and such a horrible tragedy (there were Aussies killed there). White Island in New Zealand.

    I know all of them this week! And I knew the one Craig didn't, which is a win in my book because he's so clever every week.