Saturday, April 7, 2018

A to Z Challenge - G is for the GI Bill

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides education benefits for those who have served on active duty for 90 or more days after Sept. 10, 2001. The payment rate depends on how much active duty time a member has.

There are several types of training you can use your GI Bill benefits for:

-College degree programs including Associate, Bachelor, and advanced degree programs
-Vocational/Technical Training including non-college degree programs
-On-the-job/Apprenticeship Training    
-Licensing & Certification Reimbursement
-National Testing Programs such as SAT, CLEP, AP, etc
-Flight Training
-Correspondence Training
-Work-study programs
-Tuition Assistance Top-Up
-Tutorial Assistance

What it covers at institutions of higher learning:

Public School - All Tuition and Fee Payments for an in-State Student
Private or Foreign School - Up to $22,805.34 per academic year

You may also be eligible to receive:

-a monthly housing allowance

-a books and supplies stipend


How to choose a school

For more information

What's next for H?
H is for Healthcare (TriCare).  Who is eligible?  What does it cover?  How much does it cover?  How much does it cost?  Come back Monday and find out!


  1. G.I. Bill is such a fantastic benefit! People in my family have used it. We're very grateful for it!


    1. My son is establishing residency this year. Next year he'll be using his GI benefits.

  2. The GI bill is very important to many of my students. I'm glad it's there for them.

    1. Yep, it's a great benefit of military service.

  3. I didn't realize there was a post-9/11 GI Bill. That's great. Weekends In Maine

  4. Will used his GI bill to get his degree. It didn't cover everything, but boy did it help. His student loans are quite manageable, but he went to a technical college instead of a university and was very sensible about debt, plus he worked the first year.

    Thanks for another great post.

    1. Sounds like Will is good with his money. Like you say - "very sensible". That's a good trait to have.

  5. When I hear GI Bill, I think of the post WWII one. It sounds like a good deal for people who otherwise might not be able to afford tertiary education.

    H is for Steven Herrick - Aussie Children’s Writers

  6. That sounds like an awesome benefit for those who have given their service to their country. I hope they don't make it too complicated to apply for - I know sometimes bureaucrats like to deter people by putting ridiculous numbers of forms in the way!
    Tasha's Thinkings - Movie Monsters

    1. It's the military. There's ALWAYS a ridiculous number of forms! But my son tells me there's always someone to help you fill them out.

  7. I think the Aussie military could do more in this area (and I'll stop there before I dust off the soap box).

    1. I know almost nothing about Aussie military, so I'll trust you on this one.