Saturday, April 21, 2018

A to Z Challenge - S is for Seabee

Motto:  We build.  We fight.
Jobs in a Navy Construction Battalion (CB) include: Builder, Construction Electrician, Construction Mechanic, Engineering Aid, Equipment Operator, Steelworker, and Utilitiesman.

The Navy also has Underwater Construction Teams who are trained divers.  They secure piers and perform welding underwater when required.

Builders (BU)
Builders are the largest segment of the Naval Construction Force. They work as carpenters, plasterers, roofers, concrete finishers, masons, painters, bricklayers, and cabinet makers. They construct shelters, wharves, bridges and other structures.

Construction Electrician (CE)
Construction Electricians build, maintain, and operate power facilities and electrical distribution systems for the Navy. Their duties include installing, maintaining, and repairing telephone systems and high and low voltage electrical power distribution networks, splicing and laying electrical cables, and other related electrical work.  My son was a CE.

Engineering Aide (EA)
Engineering Aides assist construction engineers in developing final construction plans. They conduct land surveys; prepare maps, sketches, drawings and blueprints; estimate costs; perform quality assurance tests on common construction materials such as soils, concrete and asphalt; and perform other engineering technician functions.

Equipment Operator (EO)
Equipment operators drive heavy vehicles and construction equipment including trucks, bulldozers, backhoes, graders, forklifts, cranes, and asphalt equipment.

Steel Worker (SW)
Steel workers rig and operate special equipment used to build metal structures. They lay out and fabricate structural steel and sheet metal, and work with concrete reinforcing steel bars.
They perform welding and cutting operations, read blueprints, and use special tools.

Utility Worker (UT)
Utility Workers include plumbing and heating jobs, working on distribution systems and fuel storage, water treatment and distribution systems, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and sewage collecting and disposal facilities at Navy shore installations around the world.

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What's next for T?
T is for Tank.  How many types of tanks are there?  What do they do?  Which branches of the military have them?  Come back on Monday and find out!


  1. I've been using 'Seabees' wrong all these years. Yikes!

    1. When my son first enlisted, I had to learn the accurate definition of Seabee [CB]. Must be commonly misunderstood.

  2. It seems like a good way to learn a trade and then once you leave the service you can find a decent job.

    1. That was one of my son's reasons. Plus he likes working outside.

  3. I have heard the term before but just assumed it was anyone on a ship.