Monday, April 11, 2016

Military Definitions - I

A to Z Blogging Challenge.  My topic is MILITARY DEFINITIONS.

I India
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Infantry - soldiers marching or fighting on foot; foot soldiers.

Improvised explosive device also called IED.  A device put together in an improvised manner designed to destroy or  incapacitate.  Normally devised from nonmilitary components.

Intelligence the collection, processing, evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of available information concerning foreign nations, hostile forces, or areas of actual or potential operations. 


  1. I didn't know what an IED was, I learn something new here daily.

  2. Good to know the acronym IED. I've heard that used so many times and didn't realize -- until this moment -- that I didn't actually know what the acronym stood for. "Explosive Device" was easy, of course. But I couldn't have told you "Improvised" nor did I realize the exact definition. Thanks!

  3. IED. Not to be confused with an IUD. That wouldn't be good! :-\