Friday, September 18, 2015

The Cat Sitter's Nine Lives - Blaize & John Clement [Book Recommendation]

Book obtained from: Library “new books” shelf, large print edition

Description: The back cover tells us that Dixie Hemingway, the protagonist, witnesses a head-on collision, and she pulls one of the drivers from the car just before it explodes. She then proceeds to a local bookstore, where she meets the proprietor and his cat. The next day, Dixie learns the driver claims he is her husband, and the store proprietor and his cat have disappeared.

Plot: The book is a light, fun read and moves quickly. The storyline is sufficiently complicated to make for an interesting read. It was a who-done-it and a how-done-it. I had a vague inkling of the “who”, no clue as to the “how”. The end included a high-tension, scary predicament and a satisfying twist.

Characterization: The characters are very well-developed and nuanced. I wanted Dixie to succeed, and had concerns on how she would pull it off.

Setting: One of the Florida Key islands. The descriptions were very good, I was able to picture every scene without it being over-described.

Other: This book had several interesting minor characters.

Overall: a fun book. I would read more by this author.

Grade: A-

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