Friday, January 8, 2016

MURDER COMES CALLING - CS Challinor [Book recommendation]

Book obtained from: Library “new books” shelf

Description: Four murders take place in a secluded English village. All four victims were selling their houses at the time of their deaths, so at first the police suspect the house [real estate] agent. Scottish barrister Rex Graves is called on by an old friend to help solve the puzzle.

Plot: This is a murder mystery set in a small community in England. Solving the mystery requires the MC to delve into the happenings of the past. It's compared to Agatha Christie, and that comparison is mostly accurate, altho this story has fewer characters to keep track of than a typical Christie book, which made it easier to follow along.

Characterization: The characters are reasonably well-developed. The protagonist is a Scottish barrister [attorney] visiting an old friend in a small community in England. The old friend, a physician/pathologist, gets himself mixed up in the murders by finding the bodies.

Setting: Small community in England, late November through late December, so late fall / early winter. The descriptions were good, I was able to picture every scene without it being over-described.

Other: This is a small paperback of 200 pages, so it was a quick read.

Overall: A good English cozy mystery. I would read more by this author.

Grade: B+

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