Friday, August 19, 2016

IN THE CLEARING by Robert Dugoni [Book recommendation]

Book obtained from: Library New Books shelf, audio book

Description: Detective Tracy Crosswhite helps a friend investigate the suspicious suicide of a high school senior 40 years ago.

Plot:  Tracy investigates the alleged suicide of a Native American girl.  The book has chapters in the present day, and occasionally a chapter set 40 years ago when the incident occurred.  The townspeople seemed to accept that this girl killed herself, and didn't want someone stirring the waters 40 years later, because they were unwilling to learn the truth.

Characterization: All the characters are reasonably well-developed.  At about the 3/4 mark, there was a scene where I didn't remember who someone was, and it took several paragraphs before I remembered.  Otherwise I was able to keep everyone differentiated.

Setting:  Klickitat County, Washington.  Nicely described, I was able to picture every scene.

Other:  The author did a little too much telling and exposition, explaining things instead of dramatizing them.  The book was narrated by Emily Sutton-Smith and she did a very nice job.

Overall:  The book switched to 1976 and back to 2016 easily.  Interesting story.

Grade: B+

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