Friday, October 21, 2016

COUNTING BY 7S by Holly Goldberg Sloan [Book recommendation]

Book obtained from: Library e-book [2014]

Description: Willow Chance is a 12yo child genius, trying to make her way in the world.  When her adoptive parents die in a car crash, she is once again orphaned, with an uncertain future.

Plot:  Willow finished a state test in 17 minutes and achieved a perfect score, which everyone believed was because she cheated.  She is therefore sent to the school counselor, who isn't able to do much for her because of his own personal issues.  Later, her adoptive parents both die, and Willow is taken in by the single mother of a new friend.  Together, they keep one step ahead of social services and try to make a new life for all of them.

Characterization:  The characters are well developed for a middle grade novel, with individual personalities.

Setting:  Bakersfield California.  Nicely described, I was able to picture every scene.

Other:  This is a middle grade novel.  Very diverse.  I liked how each character was unique, which doesn't always happen, especially with middle grade books.

Overall:  This book has a literary feel, and despite the sad beginning, it is positive and uplifting.

Grade: B+

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