Monday, May 8, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 – Reflections

This was my third challenge.  In 2015 I blogged about LEGAL DEFINITIONS.  In 2016 I blogged about MILITARY DEFINITIONS.  And now, in 2017, I blogged about SUPREME COURT CASES THAT CHANGED LIFE IN THE US.  To keep with the legal/military alternating themes, next year 2018 I'll have to think of an appropriate military theme.

This 2017 theme required quite a bit more time than my previous two years' themes.  But I wrote most of my posts beginning in January, so I just had some “clean-up” to do before scheduling them during April.  This helped quite a bit.  I advertised my blog on the A to Z Challenge site, and on Twitter.  My blog received more hits and comments this year than in previous years [thank you to all of you who left a comment!], and even now, a week after the challenge ended, my daily blog pageviews is higher than it had been previously.

Just like I experienced last year, I found I didn't have time to visit and comment on all the blogs I wanted to, but here are a few blogs that I enjoyed visiting during this year's challenge:

Flash Fiction, John's Death by the Weapon of the Day


Life in Ecuador


Name that TV Show

Haiku Puzzles

Weird Canadian Facts and History

And finally, here are all my 2017 challenge posts collected on one page:

Supreme Court cases that changed life in the US

Looking forward to next year!


  1. So good to hear you were successful in the challenge with more page views. I guess it helped that it went from 2,000+ participants to less than 300.

    1. I missed the linky list, but I understand why it wasn't offered this year. And yes, my page views went up. I hope yours did too!

  2. People love learning new stuff, Dena, and your blog provided exactly that all month long. I tried to visit several blogs (till I went out of town and lost wifi), but yours was one of the few I really looked forward to every day because I KNEW there was gonna be fascinating stuff here.

    Great job on the entries, and just as great a job understanding your audience and knowing what they'd like to read.

    Don't you wish there was about six more hours in every day?!

    Congrats on surviving ... from a guy who knows a little about surviving during April!

    1. Glad you enjoyed my posts. Yours were a lot of fun, but then killing yourself daily does sound like fun =)

      Congrats on your own survival!

  3. Congratulations on completing another year of the challenge! I enjoyed learning something new every time I stopped by your blog. It was interesting to see the why of so many legal things we take for granted now.

    I wish there had been more time in the day to get to more of the participating blogs but I manage to get to more than in the past and relatively keep up with them by writing my posts a month ahead this time around. Definitely doing that again next year. :)

    1. I agree about pre-writing posts. My first year I wrote them daily and it was absolute insanity. After that, I learned my lesson. I changed jobs in February this year which made keeping up with visiting the blogs of other participants difficult, but I'm hopeful I can cruise around now that things have quieted down a little. But yes, I'd love to have more time in a day, to get everything done that I'd like to get done. Thanks for visiting my blog!