Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 197 - This day in legal and military history

July 16

WORLD Snake Day

NATIONAL Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

NATIONAL Fresh Spinach Day

NATIONAL Ice Cream Day [third Sunday of July]

Today in legal and military [and occasional oddities] history

1769 Father Juñipero Serra, a Spanish Franciscan missionary, founds the first Catholic mission in California on the site of present-day San Diego

1790 The District of Columbia was established as the seat of the United States government

1875 The new French constitution is finalized

1935 The first parking meters were installed in Oklahoma City

1945 The United States detonates the first atomic bomb in a test at Alamogordo [Los Alamos], New Mexico

1951 JD Salinger's novel Catcher in the Rye was published

1969 At 9:32 a.m. EDT, Apollo 11, the first US lunar landing mission, is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a historic journey to the surface of the moon

1979 Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq

1999 John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife Carolyn Bessette, and her sister Lauren, died in a plane crash near Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

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