Thursday, September 7, 2017

Day 250 - This day in legal and military history

September 7


NATIONAL Beer Lovers Day

NATIONAL Buy a Book Day

NATIONAL Grandma Moses Day 

NATIONAL Neither Snow nor Rain Day

Today in legal and military [and occasional oddities] history

1813 The earliest known printed reference to the United States by the nickname “Uncle Sam” occurs in the Troy Post

1822 Brazil declared its independence from Portugal

1864 In preparation for his march to the sea, Union General William T. Sherman orders residents of Atlanta, Georgia, to evacuate the city

1888 An incubator is used for the first time on a premature infant

1916 The US Congress passes the Workman’s Compensation Act

1979 ESPN, the Entertainment and Sports Programing Network, debuts

2001 The US State Department issued a memo that warned Americans “may be the target of a terrorist threat”

2008 The US Government assumes conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the country’s two largest mortgage financing companies, during the subprime mortgage crisis

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