Monday, September 17, 2018

September - Week 38 - Colorado - the Centennial State

38 Colorado

Date admitted to the US – August 1, 1876
Postal abbreviation – CO
Capital – Denver
Area – 104,093.57 [8th largest in the US]
Population as of census 2010 – 5,029,196 [22nd largest in the US]
Population density per square mile – 48.5 [38th largest in the US]
Area codes – 303 , 719, 720, 970
Zip codes – 80001 - 81658
Number of counties – 64
State nickname –  Centennial State
State motto – "Nil sine Numine" - Nothing Without Providence   

State Flag of Colorado
Fun facts
-"Beulah red" is the name of the red marble that gives the Colorado State Capitol its distinctive splendor. All of the "Beulah red" marble in the world went into the Capitol. It cannot be replaced, at any price.
-Colorado is the only state in history to turn down the Olympics. The 1976 Winter Olympics were planned to be held in Denver, but 62% of all state voters chose not to host the Olympics.
-The United States Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs
-The town of Fruita celebrates 'Mike the Headless Chicken Day'. A farmer cut off Mike's head on September 10, 1945 and Mike lived another 4 years without a head.
-The United States federal government owns more than 1/3 of the land in Colorado
-Colorado contains 75% of the US land area with an altitude over 10,000 feet, and has the highest mean altitude of all states
-The 13th step of the state capital building in Denver is exactly 1 mile high above sea level
-Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful” after being inspired by the view from Pikes Peak

Law Schools
-University of Colorado Law School 
-University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Military facts
Military schools

Military bases

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