Monday, July 22, 2019

Did you receive a “fix it” ticket?

So you received a "fix-it" ticket.  I'm actually expecting to receive one shortly, because my windshield was hit by a rock a few months ago, which gave it a [formerly] little star just behind the rear-view mirror.  But I came out to the parking lot after work one day a few weeks ago, to find it looking like this:
But, always wanting to count my blessings, at least it [currently] doesn't look like this:

Although the end result is the same - I have to replace the windshield.  The only benefit for having it looking like the second photo above is that I wouldn't be able to put it off.

But you, being a conscientious person and/or having a firm deadline called your "court appearance date",  have to take care of your fix-it ticket.  First, go to your state court's website.

Click here for the traffic self-help section for California.

Click here for the Los Angeles County traffic court information section.

Read the information because lots of times, you'll be able to find answers to your questions. You can sometimes do other things like reschedule your appearance to a date that's more convenient for you [not like it's ever convenient to go to court, but you get the idea], pay your ticket online and avoid a court appearance entirely, and other things.

Next, read the ticket. If the box is checked that the ticket is for a “correctable violation”, you need to have the problem corrected and bring proof of correction to court on or before the date shown on the ticket.

There are two types of corrections for missing documents [driver's license, registration, insurance].
This is NOT me
First, you have the required document but it wasn't in your car at the time you were stopped. Isn't that like Murphy's Law in action?  The ONE day you forget your driver's license, is the day you're stopped for your expired registration or cracked windshield.  And you'd have probably just received a warning EXCEPT that you didn't have your license with you.  Ggggrrrrrr. 

Second, you don't have the required document and you need to obtain it.

For the first problem, bring the document to your court hearing. In California your fine will be reduced and the ticket will be dismissed. For the second problem, obtain the required documentation and bring it to the hearing. You may not receive a reduced fine, but you'll have been a conscientious person and cleared the violation.

For problems with your car [like my cracked windshield], generally you need to have those repaired. So get your broken taillight or cracked windshield or too-dark window tinting or bald tires fixed [or replaced] and bring the car to a police station to be signed off. Then bring the signed ticket to your hearing.

Annoying and a hassle, but you won't risk any increased fines, jail time, or evening news exposure from Aunt Marge.

Tell us in the comments about your current vehicle problem that you're - like me - putting off having repaired!

Next week, handling your traffic violation. 


  1. We didn't have front license plates on the truck and we got a fix it ticket for that. Had to order replacement plates and then it was "fixed." A hassle but not as bad as having to go to court!

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. I've represented folks who didn't show up in court on a fix-it ticket. Usually expensive for them, even if I'm successful at shaving off some of the fine. Glad you fixed it!