Monday, December 9, 2019

3 Mondays until Christmas!

January 7 - Amazon passes Microsoft as the world's most valuable listed company.

January 14 – For the first time, an American's chance of dying from an accidental opioid overdose is higher than in a car accident.

January 24 - 17 temperature records broken in South Australia including capital Adelaide at 46.6c.

January 29 - US Postal Service suspends deliveries to ten states because of severe polar vortex.

February 12 - US national debt exceeds 22 trillion for the first time.

March 14 - California drought officially ends after more than 7 years.

March 20 – According to the World Happiness Report, Finland is the world's happiest country and South Sudan is world's least happy.

March 24 - Mike Trout [2-time American League MVP] signs the biggest contract in North American sports history - $426.5 million, 12-year extension with the Los Angeles Angels. 
April 1 - US online sales exceed retail sales for the first time.

April 10 - First ever photo of a black hole.

April 15 - Paris cathedral Notre Dame catches fire. 
April 25 - Microsoft joins Apple and Amazon with a market worth of 1 trillion.

October 9 - Pacific Gas and Electric cuts power to 1 million people in northern California to try to avoid wildfires amid high winds.

October 29 - Pacific Gas and Electric cuts power to 1.5 million people in California to try to avoid sparking more wildfires.

October 30 - Washington Nationals beat Houston Astros 6-2 in Game 7 to win first World Series in franchise history.

October 31 - US House of Representatives votes to formalize impeachment proceedings against Present Donald Trump

November 11 - More than 120 bush fires cause Australia to declare state of emergency in two states with a catastrophic threat issued for Sydney region.

November 11 - Transit of Mercury across the sun, closer than any other transit this century.

November 11 – Polar vortex brings record low temperatures for November to the US Midwest.

November 20 - Oxford Dictionaries word of the year is "climate emergency".

November 23 - Sumatran rhino officially declared extinct.


  1. Australia and California - weather opposites. You guys had 7 years drought...we had the millenium drought in the years before that (broke with major flooding as yours started). Now we are in drought again (as all the record heat and fires listed above will attest). That's what happens when only one of us can have the la Nina effect. Wanna share?

    1. Apparently we already ARE sharing! First you get it, then we get it. I'd like to let someone else get it for a while. Well actually, I don't think I'd wish this on anyone. Fires are no fun. But maybe we can wish for climate moderation in 2020.