Monday, May 16, 2022

National Days/Weeks #10

Last week's photos:
May 12 - Limerick Day
May 15 - Chocolate Chip Day

Each week on Monday I'll post two photos which represent a "national day" or "national week" for the coming week [through the following Sunday].  Your job is to figure out which national day or week is depicted in each photo.  

Here are the photos for this week.  What national day or week does each represent?  Even if you aren't 100% sure, make your best guess!  Come back next week to see if you're right.
May 20 [third Friday in May]
May 22


  1. Damn, it looked like a normal sign in box, fooled again. Yes this Craig.

    I rode my bicycle past your window last night, but I couldn't stop because I was on my way to work.

    I would have liked the picture for May 22 better if he wore that funny Sherlock hat, Sherlock Holmes

    1. You may or may not be anonymous, but your "guesses" are right on!