Tuesday, April 4, 2023

#AtoZChallenge - C is for Climate Change

For the period January 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023:

It’s getting hotter and wetter!

A series of severe heatwaves from July to August hit Europe, causing at least 53,000 deaths and additionally causing major wildfires, travel disruption, and record high temperatures in many countries. UK records temperatures over 40C (104F) for the first time.

Australia sees hottest temperature on record of 50.7C (123.26F) in Onslow, Western Australia.

The megadrought affecting the American Southwest is now considered the worst for 1,200 years.

UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the world has less than a decade to stop catastrophic warming.

A series of atmospheric river storms pummel California, causing more than 500 mudslides and extensive damage to 40 out of 58 counties, and killing 20 people.

Sao Paulo Brazil hit by flooding and landslides after heavy rain, leaving 44 killed and 800 homeless.

No wait! It’s getting colder!

China's northernmost city, Mohe, records record low temperature of -53C (-63F).

Coldest winter in a decade in Afghanistan kills 124 people and 70,000 livestock.

Coldest wind chill ever recorded in the US of minus 108 degrees at Mount Washington Observatory, New Hampshire.

Winter storm deposits snow in parts of southern California for the first time in decades, down to 1,000 feet.



Did you get it right?

Here’s the teaser for letter D. Remember, it’s an event from 2022 or the first 3 months of 2023. Comment on something related to the answer without giving the exact answer. Let’s play!

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  1. I was thinking CME (Corona Mass Ejections) instead of climate change, but sun farts popped into my brain and wouldn't go away.

    D) Spring forward, fall back