Monday, June 10, 2024

Famous birthdays week #24

Last week:
June 7, 1940 – Tom Jones
June 9, 1961 – Michael J. Fox
June 9, 1963 – Johnny Depp

Last year we looked at major world events that occurred each week. For 2024 let's look at birthdays of famous people for each week of the year.

For this week, we have:

June 11, 1935

June 13, 1986

Your task is to guess who each person is. To avoid spoiling it for people who come after you, do NOT put the person's name in the comments! Instead, write something about that person. For example, if your guess for person #1 is “Joe Biden”, write something like “#1 - current US president” in the comments. Don't use the name.

Good luck!


  1. 1) Young Frankenstein was my favorite.

    2) If I had grown up in the full house, I would look drugged too.

    1. LOL 100% this week! I hope you haven't been floating away with all the rain in FL this past week.

    2. We have been doing fine, rain is about two inches per day, normal summer stuff. We do have a huge deficit to make up, though.