Friday, February 12, 2016

A FISTFUL OF COLLARS - Spencer Quinn [Book recommendation]

Book obtained from: Library, audio book [2013]

Description: Bernie, the protagonist, is a private investigator. He and his dog Chet are hired to “babysit” an actor with a drug problem and a big head while he's filming a movie.

Plot: Chet and Bernie investigate a total of three deaths while attempting to keep a bad-boy actor out of trouble. One of the deaths was quite a bit in the past, and all of the deaths appear somehow related to the actor.

Characterization: The characters are well developed. Chet is a funny narrator. Bernie is often clueless altho Chet reports him as “always the smartest human in the room.” Supporting characters have their own personalities and are well-written. The actor owns a cat with his own personality, much to Chet's dismay.

Setting: “The Valley.” Never specifically identified but obviously a desert community in the southwestern US, like Arizona or New Mexico. The descriptions were good, I was able to picture every scene without it being over-described.

Other: In the previous books, Chet and Bernie are looking for a missing person and are separated for a period of time. In this book, no missing person and they are never separated. This makes for a different type of story, which was good because the previous stories were a little too similar. A great read.

Overall: This is a really fun series.

Grade: A-

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